The Ideal Woman

“Isang chŏk puin,” Hakchigwang 3 (December 1914): 13–14] Written by Na Hye-Sok in 1914 What does “ideal” mean? The popular concept of “ideal” is a notion born out of desire. It may be thought of as an “emotional” ideal. In what follows, I will focus on what I call an “intellectual/spiritual” ideal. So, who could … Continue reading The Ideal Woman

Easter Pysanky

So a long time ago, I went to my BFF's house on Easter to paint Easter eggs. Little did I know that I would be painting with this traditional Ukrainian painting technique. This past Easter, I decided to try it again. 1. I first had to boil water and mix the different colors in different … Continue reading Easter Pysanky

Family History

Let's see. Where do I begin?   From what I can gather, these are my great great grandparents from both my great grandmother's and great grandfather's side (All maternal). Apparently, my maternal side was very educated and well-to-do. Thus, they have pictures from over a hundred years ago. My maternal grandfather was apparently a photo … Continue reading Family History