DIY Condo Kitchen continued

And VOILA: Slowly but surely, we are getting there…

So, after completing the backsplash, cabinets, and countertop painting, I used:
to measure the hardware for the cabinets. I just got some standard pulls and knobs. I also used Rev-A-Shelf for one cabinet to use it to hold the garbage can along with the door mount.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a drill.

This was THEN followed with the ripping out of the Vinyl Sheet Flooring, stripping of the glue, and installation of new Vinyl Tile Floors. Topped off with grout.

The countertops got a layer of epoxy on top (you HAVE to mix it really well for at least 5 minutes. I had to remove a lot of the first try because it didn’t set because I didn’t mix it well enough)
ANd yes, did I mention that I did ALL of this by myself?

I even cut pieces of plywood at Home Depot, primed and painted them, to be new toe kicks. And installed a new range hood and a bar from IKEA for some kitchen utensils.

IN addition, I added some silicone gap fillers on the sides of the oven so that things will not fall in the crevice. I even got this stainless steel prep surface thing from Ridalco. ❤ ❤

And.. CHALKBOARD paint for the side of the fridge:

There’s my son, drawing a “train” as usual..

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