Kondo ing my Child

Kondo ing my Child

So one area that Kondo does not address in her book is with Childrens’ things: particularly toddlers who do not yet understand what brings them joy and typically want to keep all of their own things. Luckily I tried the Kondo approach in my own way early on before buying more and more toys for my son. After observing him for a week or so, I donated all of the toys that he didn’t play with any longer. I kept anything that he played with often, didn’t play with often because they were advanced (so future playthings), and books.

Now, because he is only a toddler, he doesn’t have much clothes. Some of it hangs Kondo style, and some of it is folded in the boxes on top of the black shelf. I put some shelves in his closet for his toys. I removed those hinged doors and put a curtain from IKEA instead.
I made his train table out of an old plastic Korean table that you get at the Korean supermarkets. I put some heavy duty construction paper on top, and used different colors, then clear sticky Laminate. The tracks and trains are from a bunch of different sets, some donated, some bought at Marshalls/TJ Maxx, etc. He loves trains. The roundhouse and turntable was purchased from eBay. His bed has some of the toys he was currently playing with. I just took the picture with his room in its natural state.

I also have been modeling since he was young how to play with the toys, putting them back after using each one. He has more books and arts/crafts toys downstairs. I will take a photo and show y’all soon.

The set-up looks neat doesn’t it? And it makes it seem like he has SO MANY toys. I mean, he DOES compared to my husband who grew up in Ukraine during the Soviet Union. I guess it’s all relative!

It’s nice. I think he values his toys more, and it’s the most ADORABLE thing to see him play with one and put it back in it’s “place”. He still has hiccups here and there (especially with his books), but he’s a beautiful work in progress.

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