KondoMari-ing Clothes

KondoMari-ing Clothes

Interestingly, the way that Kondo suggests we fold our clothes is exactly the way my grandmother taught me when I was little. Of course I didn’t continue to fold this way because I had TOO much clothes. After the purge though, here is what we look like:

Ah, the power of upright folding! And these pictures were taken without any preparation. I have been a Kondo-er for about 6 months.


And here is my gorgeous closet!  long to short, up towards the right

What I really like about Kondo too, is that it’s not a philosophy per se. It’s just a step by step way to “tidy.” I’m not surprised that it is often lumped with minimalism, and I’m sure that many Kondo-ers end up becoming minimalists, but that is not the purpose of the method. It’s not about throwing things away either. It’s about understanding what brings you joy. Seriously, life-changing. Try it!


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