Family History

Family History

Let’s see. Where do I begin?


From what I can gather, these are my great great grandparents from both my great grandmother’s and great grandfather’s side (All maternal). Apparently, my maternal side was very educated and well-to-do. Thus, they have pictures from over a hundred years ago. My maternal grandfather was apparently a photo fanatic, so he luckily saved and took many many pictures. I believe there was a government councilman, a teacher, yangban..

Above, are my great grandparents on both my grandmother and grandfather’s side (all on my maternal side). A lawyer, a shoe-maker, etc.. My paternal side were country folk. Agrarian and lacking in pictures.

Above are my grandparents. Both of my maternal grandparents passed away before I was born. My paternal grandparents are still alive today!


dad mom (2)IMG_4866

And us, a more recent picture: My brother’s fiancee, brother, mom, dad, my hubbie, my son, ME, and my dog. 🙂

I carry the DNA of all these individuals. I’m a stay at home mom. I’ve recently scanned and digitized all of the old family photos that I could find. Getting in touch with my history has been pretty fascinating.

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