Easter Pysanky

Easter Pysanky

So a long time ago, I went to my BFF’s house on Easter to paint Easter eggs. Little did I know that I would be painting with this traditional Ukrainian painting technique. This past Easter, I decided to try it again.

  1. I first had to boil water and mix the different colors in different containers. I followed the package directions and put vinegar as directed. I waited for the dyes to cool. I also laid down some garbage bags on the tables after mixing a few of the dyes and realizing that the fine powders are super concentrated and easy to get everywhere.


2. I gathered all of my materials. I let the eggs cool to room temperature as well. I left them raw. I tried pencil sketching on some of my creations. I tried free hand on others.


3. I lit a candle and put the pysanky things on the flame to heat it up. I then scooped up some beeswax that came with the kit. I put the wax on the egg. Then, dyed it with the first color. Then, again with the wax, followed by another color…


4. This process took all day. I enjoyed experimenting with different designs. I like to doodle. Of course, I made a humpty dumpty one too at the request of my son.


Ta da! The finished products. I sprayed them with some lacquer. Now, I am going to try to leave them whole and rotate them daily to distribute the gases inside. Apparently, they can burst and stink up the whole house if I don’t do this. Some people like to “blow out” the eggs. I’ll blow them out NEXT year if they do indeed become stink bombs.

I like this whole process. The colors are so vibrant. I can’t wait to do it again

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